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A crowd laying out and swimming at Barton Springs


The original meeting hall built in 1948 has been reimagined as our front desk, cafe, and restaurant. It’s still a place for folks to meet up- to share space and community. Much of the exterior and interior details were maintained, including the windows, doors, bank windows, safe, wood veneer, vitrines, etc. Where new fixtures were brought in, Old Texas served as rich source material. Bowling alley banquettes were reproduced as seating in the hall, vintage stadium speakers were retrofitted to play music in the lobby, and biergarten furniture abounds as flexible seating around the property.

The hotel is a newly built concrete frame with terra-cotta masonry from historic D’Hanis, Texas. The hotel was designed to offer fresh air at every turn, from the open air stairwell and hallways to each room’s private terrace. The restaurant and lobby feature pecan wood boards from any fallen or damaged trees.