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Lounge Sessions

We’re in the mood to lounge. How about you?

Join us for a series intimate shows in our courtyard lounge. Enjoy nights with local musicians and a cocktail or two for Hotel San José’s Lounge Sessions.

Poet Hawkins November 16 + 30

The sound of a heart breaking, and slowing put itself back together.

It takes bravery to write with the kind of threadbare honesty Poet Hawkins achieves in his songs. His voice is reminiscent of Alexi Murdoch, Nick Drake, he approaches music as a man untouched by the current relentlessness of our increasingly fast paced world; he bids the listener to slow his or her mind to a pace where it becomes possible to hear, to feel, and love.

Theo Lawrence December 7 + 21

Somewhere between the refined Nashville sound, the melodious Brill Building songwriting and that French je-ne-sais-quoi. Theo’s music brings a dash of ’50s Sun Records-era rock n’ roll in the mix and has a general throwback vintage appeal.

Music starts at 5:30 PM and goes ’til 7:30, no reservations necessary.

Intruments in the Courtyard of Hotel San Jose
A band playing music in an outdoor dining space at evening time