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Hotel Genevieve Lobby Art Wall


Louisville is more than just one thing—it contains a multitude of layers. It’s more than Derby, and it’s more than bourbon. Named for King Louis, XVI of France, it has French origins but is a decidedly American city. Known as Strike City, Louisville’s legacy is peppered with rebels and revolutionaries.

This place is an intersection of unexpected opposites, where the midwest and the south meet. Refined by not snobby. Polite and, in the best ways, a bit over the top.

Hotel Genevieve’s name is inspired by a regional type of limestone, Saint Genevieve, a key ingredient in bourbon production. Limestone is also prevalent throughout Texas, providing a throughline from Bunkhouse origins to this new chapter in Kentucky.

Saint Genevieve is also the patron saint of Paris, celebrating both the French origins of Louisville and the many women that worked to bring the hotel to life.

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Bunkhouse has a reputation for building memorable experiences that offer more than just a good night’s sleep and a great cup of coffee. Passion for design, tireless attention to detail, and a commitment to creating authentic culture have earned our properties a special place in the hearts and minds of those who visit.