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Inside a room at Austin Motel on South Congress

So Close, Yet So Far Out On South Congress

Austin Motel grin graphic

Stay A While

Book a room at the Austin Motel for three nights and receive up to 15% off.

Austin Motel Sign on South Congress

Pool Passes

Dive into endless summer at the Austin Motel 7 days a week, even if you aren’t an overnight guests.
Make your swim reservation, grab your sunblock and enjoy our iconic kidney-shaped pool – fruity cocktail in hand.

Dip on in, have a real good time

Select Fridays This Summer

Float Films: Boots & Suits

Revisits the originals. They're better than you remember — especially when you're in a pool!

Every Full Moon This Summer

Full Moon Swim

Follow the call of the moon and ride a wave of nostalgic bliss right to the Austin Motel pool.

July 21 + August 4


Can't take the heat? Get WET with this pool party burlesque show.

Visit our Shop

Doors always open, fridge always full

Discover what’s in-store at Austin Motel

Shorty Kimono Robe

Super soft and legs for days

Austin Motel So Close Yet So Far Out Poster

If these walls could swim at Austin Motel

Austin Motel Inner Tube

What’s round and red with marquees all over?