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Seating in the courtyard of Hotel Saint Cecilia

A hotel honoring the patron saint of music and poetry

Hotel Saint Cecilia Saint Woman Logo

Our lush grounds are rich with history. Hotel Saint Cecilia was originally built in 1888 as the Miller-Crockett house, and is among the five remaining Victorian homes of twelve originally built along this stretch of the Colorado River. Today we take inspiration from the great era of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Bar and seating in the lounge of Hotel Saint Cecilia

The Hotel Saint Cecilia Lounge lives at the center of the property and is open to hotel guests and private club members.

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We aim to source products that reflect the memories you make at Hotel Saint Cecilia. Shop one-of-a-kind finds, inspiring home decor products, and selects with a story to tell.

Hotel Saint Cecilia shield logo

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