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Available 8 to 11:30 AM


Roasted Banana Bread 8

Bourbon Lime Jam

Quiche Rosette 15

Root Vegetables, Leek, Potato, Petite Salad

Hot Madame 16

Croissant, Turkey, Bacon, Mornay, Gruyere, Fried Egg, Marinated Tomatoes

Pain Perdu 17

Citrus, Buttermilk Chantilly

Fine Herbs & Goat Cheese Omelette 17

Petite Salad or Fries


Two Eggs 12

Bacon 8

Country Ham 8

Fruit 8

Marinated Tomatoes 8

Toast 6

White or Multigrain, Butter & Local Preserves

Biscuit 6

Butter & Local Preserves