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Locally Harvested

Our menu is populated with dishes and beverages grown in our own garden. Each day, the team collects fresh produce to integrate into our dishes at Benno, the pool bar, and Cosecha. Hotel San Cristobal also works directly with local fishermen to procure their daily bounty, reducing shipping waste and directly supporting the local economy. Our wine program prioritizes vignerons that farm sustainably.

Cosecha table overlooking a garden

Minimizing Our Impact

Hotel San Cristobal adheres to a rigorous waste separation program, and our team members are trained to continuously ensure that all standards are met. As part of the program, all waste is meticulously sorted and weighed before leaving the property in order to keep track of, and subsequently find ways to reduce, volume. All cardboard, aluminum, recyclables, and glass are sorted separately, any leftover meat is donated to local farms to help feed hogs, and as of April 1, all organic waste is deposited into our own compost piles. The hotel has also implemented a strict zero-plastic policy, opting for Strahl Polycarbonate glassware instead.

person holding vegetables

Providing for the Community

Hotel San Cristobal’s team members regularly participate in community service efforts, many of which benefit the environment such as community-wide trash collections and beach clean-ups. We kindly asks our guests to pack additional items for donation and are happy pass along any thing they choose to leave behind.


Donation Suggestions:

  • Sporting equipment (skateboard decks, elbow and wrist pads, soccer balls, baseball bats, baseballs, volleyballs, and cleats)
  • Clothing (ages 4 to 18)
  • Tennis shoes (ages 4 to 18)
  • Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, body wash, and shampoo)
  • School supplies (books in English and Spanish for all ages, notebooks, pens, pencils, backpack, and markers)
trash pickup volunteers
food on a table
Cosecha garden with chairs
Group photo of Cero Basura community service.
flowers with a bee
Cosecha garden