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Massage Services

Discover a deeper level of relaxation with a massage, manicure or pedicure, or ritual therapy at Hotel San Cristóbal. Our concierge team will arrange for a dedicated therapist to provide a private session in the open sea air or in your room.


60 min | $174 USD / $3,132 MXN 
90 min | $232 USD / $4,176 MXN
Body, mind, and spirit are integrated into a relaxing massage through manual. maneuvers with soft and medium intensity in repetitive cycles to remove all tension.

60 min | $255 USD / $4,590 MXN
90 min | $383 USD / $6,894 MXN
Massage designed to penetrate the deepest layers of the muscle, tendons, and joints to release tension.

Person getting a private massage on the Mirador
person on a massage table
Incense burning in a bowl
Aerial view of waves crashing on a beach

Please fill out the form below and our concierge will be in touch with availability.