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What's In Store

The Magdalena Shop is filled with an array of curated pieces selected for the Texas traveler and design-minded passerby to explore—custom-scented apothecary, local wares, and seasonal curiosities for you to take the spirit of the Magdalena with you wherever you go.

Hotel Magdalena Shop

Hotel Magdalena Kimono Robe

Handwoven stripes, custom made, super soft, 100% cotton kimono robe. Made in a government sponsored co-op in India, promoting indigenous weaving and dyeing techniques. Fabric and kimono are custom made for Hotel Magdalena and designed by Bunkhouse.

A woman wearing a Hotel Magdalena robe while holding a coffee mug
Hotel Magdalena Eloi Scarf

Hotel Magdalena x ELOI Silk Scarf

Starting out of construction paper cutouts, ELOI reproduces their designs onto a cotton-silk bandana.

Summer House on Music Lane Glass Fish Bottle pouring water

Summer House Glass Fish Bottle

A coveted piece of our restaurant, ready for your home.

Hotel Magdalena Child Onesie

Hotel Magdalena Onesie

Inspired by The Austin Aqua Festival, a ten-day festival that was held the first week of August on the shores of Lady Bird Lake from 1962 until 1998.