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Star Cross'd Cinema

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Hotel Magdalena with a star-crossed screening of ROMEO + JULIET (1996) 🌹✨ Whether you’re bringing your love interest from a rival family or simply enjoying the company of your palentine, the Bobbie Nelson room is the place to be for this heart-throbbing feature presentation hosted by Hyperreal Film Club.

Baz Luhrmann’s ROMEO + JULIET is a kaleidoscope that swirls together high and low culture. Shakespeare’s words are cracked open in the mouths of ’90s heartthrobs, who use over-the-top delivery to squeeze meaning out for modern audiences. This rain-soaked gangster melodrama will seduce you with its neon glow, until the flowery language is buried under heavy-handed symbolism and moody Radiohead songs. Luhrmann’s maximalist pop Catholic aesthetic anticipates modern trends, with lavish altars in every corner that wouldn’t look out of place in an e-girl’s bedroom. ROMEO + JULIET’S violent delights are like a gun on a lace pillow, bringing together romance, danger, and style.

While you watch, transport yourself to Verona (Beach) with gelato from Gelato Paradiso which will be available for purchase along with drinks and light bites from Summer House on Music Lane. So, secure your tickets at the link in our bio and enjoy complementary popcorn, an aquarium themed photo booth, and more. Themed costumes highly encouraged.